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Burkholder Seeds is a growing company committed to helping farmers increase quality and productivity of their crops and maximize the potential of their soils through the incorporation of improved crop rotations and cover crops. Owner, Dwight Burkholder, along with his son Justin, are continuously engaging themselves in giving their clients the greatest opportunity to succeed in a challenging marketplace.

Burkholder Seeds had its beginnings in 2007. As a dairy farmer himself, Dwight was always looking to raise crops that had a proven track record of being on the cutting edge of quality. He began to use products offered by Byron Seeds in 2004 and quickly noticed the superior performance of their forage genetics.

The success of these products on his farm along with Byron Seeds’ commitment to servicing their customers made him a solid proponent of the company and the products they offered. He began to use these seeds exclusively on his farm and made the decision to be a dealer and consultant for Byron Seeds and thus in 2007, Burkholder Seeds was born.

As area farmers began to use Byron Seeds products offered by Burkholder Seeds, the superiority of these forages became apparent to them as well and the business grew. Dwight’s son Justin joined the business as a full time consultant in 2018.

While Byron Seeds offers the best genetics available for maximizing animal production and efficiency through high quality forage and strategic cover crop use, we began to feel a need to offer a superior soy-bean and additional options for “market grain” corn genetics for our clients and other area farmers that weren’t livestock based operations.

So in 2019, Sun Prairie corn hybrids were added to the business to give more options for crop producers focused more exclusively on grain production. Sun Prairie hybrids offers competitive genetics and trait packages that have performed quite well for our area producers. In 2021, Merschman Seeds was another addition. This company is focused on the very latest genetics and technology in the Enlist soybean lineup and has quickly proven to be a superior company in products and services related to soybean production.

Burkholder Seeds is also unique in the fact that Dwight continues to be involved in dairy production and knows in “real time” the challenges facing today’s crop and livestock producers. This enables us to consult and advise based on real life experience. We look forward to engaging with you and assisting in the process of making improvements in your operation for making your business viable in the future.

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